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When the world’s most adorable (and photogenic) child was born in July of 2018, his grandmother, Lonnie Jeffries, doted over the little one, camera in hand, capturing each precious moment. The artist was in love with her grandson, of course, but quickly discovered she also loved the photography. Her creative instinct perfected by years of work in graphic design drew requests for newborn shoots from family and friends, and friends of family, and friends of friends… and so a new career was born. Jeffries Photography grew faster than her grandson’s delicate little toes and she branched out into artistic photography, portraiture, and location-centric shoots.


Capturing the indescribable magic of new life’s first days is still her favorite photographic project, though she’s found great joy in working with the dramatic look of artistic shoots. Embracing her love of wildlife and the visual splendor of the Black Hills, she’s added wildlife and nature photography to her resume as well, along with family and individual portraiture. Ultimately, Lonnie Jeffries has accepted the title of “Photographer”, and in the space of a shutter click, captures those rare and special moments that make life beautiful.


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